The International Association of Student Surgical Societies

All around the world, in hundreds of medical schools, there are student surgical societies. Established as student initiatives and mentored by health and academic professionals, these societies aim to facilitate the access to information, orientation and education of human resources in the field of surgery. The common vision of these societies is that early training of the surgeons of tomorrow will increase the quality of medical care and will fulfill the necessary prerequisites required for achieving excellence.

The drive for knowledge and continuous improvement unites all student surgical societies around the world, regardless of the experience, prestige, and funding of the universities in which they operate. It is this sense of comradery that brought some of these societies together to form an international federation-like organization that encourages surgical exposure, interest, and education. Thus, in 2014, the International Association of Student Surgical Societies (IASSS) came into existence.


In 2017, IASSS officially became the “junior” division of the International Society of Surgery – Société Internationale de Chirurgie (ISS-SIC), which certifies the legitimacy of our goals and actions and motivates us to expand our area of activity.