Past Symposia

Starting with the inaugural Symposium of IASSS, hosted in 2014 by the University of Cape Town Surgical Society, South Africa, the members of the IASSS have been meeting each year for five days of conferences, workshops, round tables, competitions and debates on various surgical topics.

The second annual Symposium was held in 2015 in Brisbane, Australia, at Queensland University, followed by the 2016 Symposium, organised by the Students’ Society of the University of Namibia. Each of the previous editions has brought together students, prestigious physicians, trailblazers in their fields, in a large scale scientific event.

A particular feature of these gatherings is the diversity of participants, who come from all over the world to get to know each other, exchange ideas, build meaningful connections and learn from the best surgeons in the world.

In 2016, Romania decided to bring this scientific event to the old continent and enrolled the Romanian Student Society of Surgery (RSSS) in the bid to host the Symposium in 2017 in Bucharest. The Society’s thirteen years of experience, the diligence and ideas were appreciated by an international body comprising both physicians and students, who have decided to offer the hosting rights to Romania.