The motto of this year’s edition of the IASSS Symposium is: “Overcoming Barriers”, which will be incorporated in all aspects of our event.

Social Barriers

One aim of the IASSS Symposium will be to overcome the barriers that divide medical students worldwide: geography, language, mentality, experience, and culture. By overcoming these constraints, we can all establish partnerships, learn from each other and make a meaningful impact together. This will lead to future generations of surgeons prepared to collaborate and share their knowledge with their peers for the benefit of future patients worldwide.

Barriers in surgical practice

Another aim of the 2017 IASSS will be to focus on student participation in research. We have invited some of Europe’s best surgeons to talk about the major challenges still ahead of us and the barriers that our generations will have to face and overcome.Whether we are talking about patient complications, unexplained pathophysiology or unexplored areas of science, there are still many obstacles to be surpassed in surgery. The only way we can overcome these barriers of knowledge is by promoting scientific curiosity, research, and communication among surgeons worldwide.

Barriers in personal development

All of us are bound to experience challenges and overcome them as we progress from medical students to surgeons. Whether we’re talking about Med Schools exams or those tiny moments that mark our transition into fully confident practitioners (the first time we scrub in to enter an OR, our first suture, our first solo surgery), we are bound to face barriers, some more daunting than others. There is always more to learn, more to do, and more to discover. Accomplished surgeons will share how some of these barriers may be embraced in the form of personal milestones and goals, urging us to embark on an endless of pursuit of personal development.