Cancellations and Refunds Policy

The refund deadline is 1st of July, 2017. Refund requests made before this date will be refunded 25 € less due to a processing and handling fee. After this date, no refund requests will be accepted.

Fees are refundable on demand as long as the participant sends an official request at, stating the name and bank account details in which the money will be transferred.

We will only refund via bank transfer. All the bank commissions will be deducted from the refunded sum. We will transfer the money in the indicated bank account in under 5 working days.

We will not take into consideration any refund requests made during the congress days and/or after the specified refund deadline.

Please take notice that NO REFUNDS will be made:

  • for any requests regarding accommodation. The participant complies to the hotel’s own refund policy; IASSS Symposium 2017 organisers do not take any liability for damage, theft or any other loss caused by partner hotels and no refunds will be issued;
  • for any changes that occur in the IASSS Symposium 2017 program or in the opening and closing ceremonies program and/or content;
  • for any cancellations or changes in scheduling, speakers or venues at conferences, keynote lectures or workshops;
  • for any incomplete fees;
  • for fees paid after the general payment deadline (stated on here);
  • for failure of proper scheduling/attending of the workshop/conferences due to the participants’ own fault (including, but not limited to: being late, failing to find correct location, etc.);
  • for scientific or special social events canceled due to unforeseen or exceptional situations (see also Terms and Conditions);
  • for any downtime of the official website due to reasons which are outside of the sphere of responsibility of the RSSS (e.g. force majeure, server provider downtime, cyber attacks etc.);
  • for any claims and costs arising from delayed confirmation of payment and/or activation of the personal account due to reasons which are outside of the sphere of responsibility of RSSS  (e.g. bank holidays, national holidays, downtime of the banks, downtime of the online payment provider, strikes, downtime of the official website, delays caused by the website provider etc.);
  • registered participants who do not attend will be charged for the full amount paid.

For visa applicants: the deposits will be refunded 25 € less due to processing and handling fees. IASSS Symposium 2017 is not responsible for the success of a participant’s visa application and cannot grant any special refund of the participation fee apart from the ones stated above in case of visa application refusal by the Romanian authorities.