Scientific Research Competition

Put your name on the map by joining our Scientific Research Competition! Share your research in an international event and get a chance to win one of the Prizes we have in store! You can present your work to the hundreds of students attending the Symposium either as an Oral Presentation or a Poster Presentation.

When submitting your abstract, you can indicate which type of presentation you would like – an oral presentation or a poster.

Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • The Competition is open to all registered participants (whether Medical Students or physicians in training – medical interns or residents). After purchasing a Symposium pass, the participants can submit their abstract in the “My Dashboard” section of “My Account”.
  • Abstracts are to be submitted through the official Symposium website, following the specified guidelines. Any other submissions will not be accepted.
  • The abstract must be submitted by the presenting author.
  • The Presenting Author’s name must be identical to the name under which the participant registered on the Symposium Registration Form.

  • There can only be one presenting author for each submitted abstract.

  • There can be only one scientific coordinator for each submitted abstract.
  • Any other person who has had any contribution to the abstract will be listed as a co-author.
  • Co-authors: there is no limit concerning the number of co-authors.
  • The subject of the abstract must be related to one of the following fields: surgical specialties, surgical subspecialties, Anatomy and Embryology.
  • Abstracts submitted for Oral Presentation that don’t get selected will be automatically considered for the Poster Presentation Session.
  • A presenting author can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts. They can both be submitted for Oral Presentation, but only one will be selected, while the other will be considered for Poster Presentation. No author can have two Oral Presentations, but they can have an Oral and a Poster Presentation or two Poster Presentations.
  • Revisions of the same abstract need to be re-submitted from the “My Dashboard” section of “My Account”. When evaluating the abstracts, we will only take into account the last version of each abstract.
  • The abstract must not exceed 350 words.
  • You can have a maximum of 10 keywords.
  • Do NOT use special characters or diacritics when filling in the Abstract Submission form.
  • We accept abstracts that have been presented in other scientific events (conferences, congresses).

Accepted Types of Abstracts

Case Report – should include: Introduction, Case Presentation, Discussions, Keywords

Literature Review – should include: Objectives, Methods & Materials, Results, Conclusions, Keywords

Original Study – should include: Introduction, Methods & Materials, Results, Conclusions, Keywords


All abstracts will be evaluated by our Evaluation Committee.  At the end of the evaluation period, a list of accepted abstracts will be posted on our website. The Evaluation Committee will also decide if your abstract will be presented as an Oral Presentation or as a Poster Presentation. All author information (including the name, institution and scientific coordinator) will be hidden from the Evaluation Committee.

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline: July 20th (23:59 GMT+2)

Announcement of accepted abstracts: July 25th