Sponsorship & Exhibition

The overall purposes of the IASSS Symposium is to promote surgery on an international level. We hope that you will join us in this vision!

You have the opportunity to impact on the Symposium in two ways:

  1.  Your financial support will ensure broad participation of medical students from all over the world and will contribute to a successful Symposium. Ample opportunities will be available to acknowledge your contribution throughout the Symposium (e.g. possibility of giving a speech at the opening/closing of the Symposium, prominent placement of logo on the official website, in the Symposium’s materials etc.)
  2. Romanian Student Society of Surgery (RSSS) as the organizer gives sponsors the unique opportunity to become an active part of the Symposium by having its own live streaming conference providing their own experiences, diversity of expertise conferring obvious benefits.  

Sponsorship can deliver increased awareness and brand building for your organisation. As a sponsor of the IASSS Symposium 2017, your organisation will not only support its efforts to promote surgery, but also increase the quality of the medical care for patients worldwide.

For more information please see Sponsorship and Exhibition Prospectus or contact us at fundraising@symposium2017.iasss.org.